Visit from MFS Students

This year we have been corresponding with an American class, which was the opportunity to learn more about school and the way of life in the US.

Moorestown school

We welcomed our American pen-pals on Monday, March 26th.

They came from New Jersey in the USA and more exactly from Moorestown Friends School, which is our partner school.

Moorestown school, map

When we entered the classroom, the teachers asked us to mix with the Americans and to make different groups. Each group included at least two or three French pupils and three American students. For many of us it was the first time we could speak with American guys.

We talked about our way of life, habits and school in the United States and in France. They have a big campus and they can practice a lot of activities but the price per student is really quite expensive. We compared American with French student life : popular sports, singers and their high school.

We also played a game altogether. We all participated in a quiz about Paris famous places and of course it’s an American who won, so I think that he fell in love with Paris. And when the bell rang, we guided them to the canteen for lunch. We ate together in order to get to know them better.

In the afternoon, some of them attended our physics and biology classes.

Some students’ reactions :

 It has been an interesting experience and since that day, I have been dreaming to live the "American dream".

 It has allowed us to see the differences and common points between French and American students.

 I was astonished by their school life, it’s very different from ours, I think that their way is lot better.

 They brought their school’s year-book to show us all the activities, sports, teachers and students at MFS. It made us feel how involved they are in school life.

 We played a game to expose stereotypes about the French and Americans, it was a good way to think about the ideas which we have.

 The meeting with the American pen-pals was amazing, even if it was a little hard to talk together. They were all nice to us (what a shame no one took a course with us, although if it was me, I probably wouldn’t have done it). I was very surprised that some of them had a better general knowledge of France than us, especially me (I failed the quiz I admit it). I knew they can choose their subjects, but I was amazed that the school had a book with the pictures of all the students - not only for the twelfth grade students - to remember some important moments of the year.

 We had fun with them. I think there was a very friendly atmosphere, we all got along well and I think that they enjoyed their visit. I wish we could spend more time with them or that they had stayed longer in order to get to know them better !

 The visit of the Americans to Rabelais was beneficial because we were able to find ourselves in concrete situations where we had to be able to speak correct English (it was a little bit difficult) with the Americans, which can help us improve. But this coming also allowed to get acquainted with very nice and likeable students with whom we had a good laugh. This has been a very rewarding experience for us.

 When we hosted our American pen-pals, I was really surprised how kind and outgoing they were. I talked a lot with one of them in particular and we discovered that we share the same passion, plus we watch the same TV shows. In addition, the game we played on clichés of United States and France allowed us to know how we are perceived, which is sometimes caricatural. Finally the fact that Americans have a yearbook and a blog is a great idea because some students participate to them and it could be a good idea for us to do the same.

 It was good to meet our American partners. We had a great time with them.
I enjoyed their visit. Many thanks to the teachers who organized this event.

Moorestown school

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