Prisonner 46664

On the 30th of March, we went to the Alhambra’s Theater in Paris to watch a play entitled "Prisoner 46664" about Nelson Mandela, by Théâtre en Anglais. The storyline is a flashback of Mandela’s life and pays tribute to this great man by showing important moments of his life and struggle to end apartheid. The play was very interesting and easy to understand as we had studied Nelson Mandela’s life and the history of South Africa with our teacher in class.

Prisoner 46664 , l’affiche du spectacle

The actors came from different English-speaking countries - the UK, the USA, New Zealand, South Africa and other African countries. It was an international crew but they spoke very clearly. Plus, English and French subtitles were available to help us keep up if needed.

I think everybody liked this play because it was both informative and funny (even if it was a little bit overdone sometimes) and the music made it lively.

The students of 1L-S3

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