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Projet de théâtre franco-américain en 1ère L-S3

Cette année, mon groupe d’anglais de 1ère L-S3 correspond avec un groupe de jeunes américains du lycée de Flintridge Prep de Los Angeles. Cette correspondance est née du fait que Mrs Holup-Murphy, le professeur de français des élèves américains a été assistante au Lycée Rabelais il y a quelques années et que nous sommes restées en contact. Nous avons souhaité compléter cette correspondance par un projet de théâtre commun sur lequel nos classes ont travaillé de la Toussaint à Noël. Un petit film a été réalisé, et deux élèves ont accepté de décrire ce projet et donner leurs impressions dessus en anglais. Merci à Canelle et à Lydia. Nous avons ensuite reçu nos correspondants au lycée lors de leur visite à Paris le 23 mars, et nos élèves ont été heureux de ce moment de partage, auquel d’autres classes ont eu l’occasion de se joindre. En effet, quoi de mieux que le théâtre et les voyages pour utiliser la langue que l’on apprend à parler ?
Christine Pavard, professeur d’anglais.

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Before the Christmas holidays, two classes, the 1° L and S3 of Mrs Pavard’s English group participated in a project with American students from Los Angeles.
At the beginning of the year, we were given some penfriends and, for Christmas, we had to send them a box, a gift box, with some objects that reminded us of our holidays or of a good moment. The penfriends did the same and we received their gift box in November. We went to the theatre to prepare our scenes with the Americans’ objects.
To start with, we did theatre activities and I was surprised by the amount of exercises that we used : walking on the stage, the mirror game, improvisation … All these exercises helped us to practise our pronunciation, overcome our shyness…That can help us at school or in our private lives.
When we received the gift box of our penfriends, we had to choose one, two or three objects and to imagine a scene with them in groups of three people or more. That was really stimulating because we had to be imaginative and creative. We worked on our lines, our script, our staging… I found that so encouraging because it was interesting to express emotions in a foreign language.
The last week before the Christmas holidays, the teacher made a film of our scenes and she sent it to Los Angeles. We received the film of our penfriends : it was so funny because they used our objects in original and comical contexts and they had strong American accents and there were misunderstandings.
I think it’s useful to do theatre activities at school because it enables some of students to gain confidence and to overcome their shyness like for me. This project was really interesting and original but, sometimes, challenging when we had to act on stage in front of the other students, we feared mockery but in reality it was wonderful and stimulating for everyone !
Cannelle Créantor 1°L

Hi everybody ! A few weeks ago we worked on a theatre project with our English teacher. Actually, it was a very big challenge for me because I had never acted on a stage before and I am very shy. It has been a great experience even if some times it was boring because everybody wanted to play and give their advice. It is very important to do theatre activities at school to enable student to gain confidence and to overcome their shyness. We did like a little scenario in groups of three. At the beginning, I thought that all the class would play together with only one scenario. But it was original and interesting.
After some time, the teacher told us that we would work on a theatre project with American students ! How amazing it was ! The best of all was that we could have our own penfriend ! And my penfriend lives in LA ! Awesome !
We had to send them a box with some objects inside and they had to do the same thing. They sent us : a cheerleader pompom, a card from Pasadena, sweets, a newspaper, sunglasses, a music box, etc. With one of my friends, we took the cheerleader pompom, the sunglasses and the sweets ! I played a sheriff…
When all the groups had made their videos, we had to send them. And the American students had to send us their videos. Their accent is so cute ! My favorite activity was when we had to do exercises before playing on the stage. I will never forget this project with American students, it was very funny !
Goodbye, dear readers.
Lydia Ramdane 1°S3