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The Tubby and Nottubby project

Tubby and Nottubby is a theatre play written by the theatre company “Fools and Feathers”. The title of this play reminds us of a quote from Hamlet (by Shakespeare) : “To be or not to be, that is the question”. This play was also inspired by Laurel and Hardy because this play shows us farcical situations and because Tubby is tubby, that is fat (like Hardy) and Nottubby is not tubby (like Laurel), it’s a play on words. It’s a tragicomic play.

This play stars two characters : Tubby and Nottuby. They are in despair and want to commit suicide. However, when they are about to commit suicide, they meet and become best friends. The play deals with their tragicomic destiny. In the trailer of this theatre play, we can see two poor characters who have no jobs, no money, even no families,... They have props like a gun, a suitcase and hats. Tubby and Nottubby do the same things at the same time (it must be very funny because they don’t have the same physical appearance). In the trailer, there is a mysterious music and a dark atmosphere with the lights that change very often. Tubby and Nottubby are looking for happiness. It is a story of friendship that show us that dreams are a perfect protection against the cruelty of the world.

One day, during the English class, we tried to play extract 5 from Tubby and Nottubby, it was unbelievable ! Indeed, it was very funny and interesting because we could stage the scene as we wanted. The dialogue is as funny as the characters. We will never forget this moment.

Finally, we only want to say one thing : run to see this unforgettable play !!! Everything seems to be funny : the characters, the dialogue, the staging, the story,...
Yacine and Samuel


Next Friday, on the 25th January, the class of 2nde 8 and some pupils in 1ere will see a theatre play played in English which is named “Tubby or Nottubby”. They are very excited and impatient to see it and the two brilliant actors, Louis Fortier and Sophie Brech, in completely different roles from those played in “Out of the Dark”

Thanks to the title, we directly know the main theme of the play by its play on words. There are two endearing characters, Tubby and Nottubby and the association of these two names reminds us of a famous quote from Hamlet : “To be or not to be”. So it’s probably a comic, funny parody of it and a fairy tale play.

The story takes place in London, near the Thames river. Tubby and Nottubby don’t know each other yet but one thing will bring them together : the idea to commit suicide. But why ? Tubby is a fat, vulgar and old man. Contrary to him, Nottubby is thin and small. Bu in spite of their different physical appearances, they are in the same situation : no job, no future, no house, no love... And during all the play, we see Tubby and Nottubby in magical adventures where they will go in the desert and even to the Kingdom of the Dead !

Mrs Pavard, the head teacher of the 2nde 8 wanted her European pupils see this play because it’s a good opportunity for them to go to see a theatre play performed in English. Moreover, they don’t have this chance every day ! By hearing “Tubby or Nottubby”, pupils can assess their own level of comprehension by themselves.

Finally, I was very impatient to see the play and to meet Louis and Sophie again because I am sure I cannot be disappointed by their moving and funny characters !

Gadmani Fatima.


Last Friday we saw « The Tragicomic Destiny of Tubby and Nottubby ».
We noticed that the actors had a different way to play the scenes we had already worked on. When they spoke, they were very easy to understand. They perfectly embodied their characters thanks to their costumes, their props, their make up. The two characters wore dirty male clothes. Nottubby had a saucepan on his head as a hat. Both of them were always carrying suitcases. Their make up was really realistic. Their noses and their eyes were red, and they had pale dirty skins.
Other elements like their cues and their way of speakink helped us to understand the play. They were expressive with their bodies. They were always in movement.
The setting was simple. There were only three curtains on which some drawings were projected. The lights represented a theme : for example red lights for death land and the blue lights for the sea.
If someone didn’t speak and understand English, he was able to understand this play thanks to all those elements.
We were pleasantly surprised because we didn’t expect all the musical interludes. Some songss were funny and stupid, like the tea song.
We advise you to go and see this play, because it is an entertaining play and during the show the characters became endearing.
I promiss you that you will have a good time !

Alexandra IONESCU and Charlotte REIGNARD.

Last Friday, our class went to see « The tragicomic Destiny of Tubby and Nottubby » by Louis Fortier and Sophie Brech, in a small theatre in Palaiseau. We liked it, it was really funny, we laughed a lot, but it was also very touching, and poetic. The story was about two desperate men, Tubby and Nottubby, about to commit suicide because they had no job, no family, no money, no friends... They suddently meet, become friends, and join the army together to give their lives a meaning. They will live incredible and fantastic adventures, plenty of all kinds of emotions and a great imagination.
The props, the costumes and the setting as well were simple, but appropriate to the characters and the story. Tubby and Nottubby, dressed in old ragged suits from the 30s, carried suitcases all along the play. These suitcases often became something else depending on the scene and the place they were. For example, the suitcases could become a raft in the sea. The setting was original ; the two actors played a lot with the curtains, to dress like Julius Caesar or to create sea waves.
The audience was sort of involved in the play, which we found great. They talked and looked at us while playing, they joked with us. Once, Tubby sat on the audience seats and chose two people to help him undress. Most of the audience laughed from the beginning to the end, but we sometimes felt moved when they played some touching scenes, like when we discover Tubby’s sad childhood.
We really enjoyed seeing “The tragicomic Destiny of Tubby and Nottubby”, we had a great laugh and the play made us dream. It was very optimistic because they were about to kill themselves, but they finally found a solution : friendship and love. We both got close to those ugly and silly characters because their story was emotionnal and it ended in a happy way.
Camille and Nezli

Last Friday, we went to Palaiseau theatre to see “The tragicomic destiny of Tubby and Nottubby”.

It’s the story of Tubby and Nottubby, two desesperate persons. At the beginning of the first scene, they wanted to jump into the Thames but when they saw each other, they acted as if they didn’t want to die. They decided to listen to the radio and they heard a recruiting sergeant. They joined the army but they discovered that what the sergeant had said was false and they decided to escape. And the adventures began...

It was a very comic play but also tragic at certain moments : Tubby and Nottubby were on a raft to escape from the army and they were thinking of their childhood. Tubby lost his mother and Nottubby’s father didn’t love her because she looked like a boy. As Tubby died, Nottubby wanted to find him in the Kingdom of dead people. Nottubby discovered her friend disguised as Julius Caesar,making a show. That moment was very comic : Tubby interacted with the audience. For example, he sat on our taps or he searched for someone to hold his skull and his microphone. Everybody in the public was laughing !

We found that the way the curtains were used was very interesting and beautiful. When they played the Julius Caesar scene, Tubby used the curtains as Caesar’s toga and when they pass from a scene to another they turned around them.
There was a lot of music which represented the emotions of the characters but sometimes, they also sang their own songs like “I want to die” which was half in English and half in French.
Concerning the shadows, there were very well used, for example : when Nottubby entered the Kingdom of the dead, we personally thought that the shadow represented an old woman but it was Tubby disguised as Julius Caesar !
All these elements created a mysterious atmosphere, both comic and tragic. These elements
were very present during the scene of the raft when Tubby and Nottubby had their own nightmares.

The actors spoke clearly, and they articulated so we understood all the play and it was funny because there were some cues in French.

We strongly recommend you to see this fabulous play : it’s a fantastic trip in the world of Tubby and Nottubby.
Carriere Anais and Emeriau Clémence

Tubby & Nottubby is a play about two persons who meet on the banks of the River Thames. They wanted to commit suicide, but they finally didn’t because they heard an announcement on the radio urging them to enlist, which gives them an aim in their lives. We really liked the play but particularly the music which was by Louis Sédillot. The music was sometimes touching and sometimes funny, for example when they sang about the tea : “ I love tea, tea loves me”. There was also a spooky music which made an effect of something mysterious and created a stressful atmosphere. We also really liked the play with the lights, some cartoons were shown on big curtains and sometimes, lights were projected on those and the actors shook them, it created a scary atmosphere and it made the play more lively. There was a play with shadows, for example at the end, the house became “bigger”. The atmosphere was also very funny when the two characters wanted to commit suicide but they didn’t succeed because one time Nottubby farted, an other time, one of the two asked a question about death…
On the other hand, the setting was very simple ; there were only a lamp post and big white curtains. The props were very simple too, only two suitcases, a skull and a radio-telephone. The costumes were very funny. Both of the actors wore a fake big nose with warts and shabby clothes. Tubby had a paunch. The way he walked with it was hilarious. Tubby also had a costume of caesar and on his belly there were the 23 stabs of Brutus and it was written “Brutus killed me”.
We understood the play quite well because the actors spoke clearly and articulated a lot. But we didn’t undersand everything because it was sometimes a bit weird and we didn’t really know if it was the truth or their imagination. But, the preparation we had done before helped us to understand.
We really liked the play, it was an optimistic play which delivered a message of hope. We were touched by the characters and we get closer to the people they were.

CAZALI Madeleine & BALZING Amandine

The English play that we saw last Friday : “The Tragicomic Destiny of Tubby and Nottubby” made us really laugh and practise our English.
The story of Tubby and Nottubby was really unrealistic, it was about two characters who wanted to commit suicide but they weren’t courageous enough to jump into the Thames. So they joined the army to change their lives, but they didn’t realize that they had to sacrifice themselves… So they started a long quest, searching for the happiness of having a pretty house in the middle of the forest, near a small river to live there forever. Full of pitfalls, this adventure is really touching and reminds us of the difficulty of childhood in their comic world.
There was a play on costumes, Louis Fortier (Tubby) was so fat and at the end, he showed us his fake belly which was enormous whereas Sophie Brech (Nottuby) was skinny and wore more baggy men’s clothes. There were impressive plays on lights, sound and music,for example, when we heard the cries of a baby, Nottubby was having a nightmares and we understood that he was a woman and that her father said to her that she was ugly and that he hated her. There was also a play on curtains to repesent the storm.
The audience was inside the play, Louis came down frrom the stage and started a small show which was so unexpected and innovative. But, we aren’t going to say anymore to keep the suspense which is skyilfully built and we wish you a very good play just as we had.


The tragicomic destiny of Tubby and Nottubby surprised us , the story was a bit complicated and weird but it was enjoyable . the plot is about Tubby’s and Nottubby’s amazing adventures, and we wonder if their friendship will survive this challenges, if the two of them will be stronger and happier than if they were alone.
We didn’t think that it would be so funny , we thought that it would be serious, strange but serious , but not at all ! We were wrong !! the fantastic couple of Tubby and Nottubby made us laugh several times !
The trip to the kingdom of the dead was unexpected , the fact that Nottubby was a girl was unexpected and surprising, the French words were really well placed in the play , it was very funnny. The actors played their roles extremly well.
The make up of the actors was ugly and it was fun and realistic, their costumes too , they really looked desesperate.
They played with the audience in the kingdom of the dead and it was very good .The audience semmed to have a good impression of the play , they laughed many times .
The game with the curtains was good , realistic. The music was good , it created an atmosphere, a quite dark atmosphere but it was realistic. Sometimes it was a bit too dark, that is one of the bad aspects of the play.
We understood most of the play but there were some parts that were difficult to understand. The love story at the end was touching .
So we really enjoyed this play and we advise you readers of our article to see this play , they have played it for a long time and they know their text perfectly, no hesitation It was really funny , we loved it.

The play we saw last Friday night is about two characters who are in despair. One day they decide to suicide in the same place, at the edge of the Thames . So they meet each other and after a talk about reincarnation they finally decide not to kill themselves. Then they listen to the radio and hear a sergeant talking about a military mission which is called “Princess of the desert”. It gives them hope and they finally decide to enlist in this crazy adventure.

As we had studied this play, there weren’t many unexpected elements, but even if we know that Nottubby is a woman, it’s still the main unexpected element. At one point when they are on their luggage in middle of the sea, Tubby falls down so we think that he is dead and that Nottubby will never see Tubby again, however they will meet again at the kingdom of the Dead ; this could be sad but Nottubby wanted to bring Tubby back to life and they eventually found a lovely house in the middle of the woods.

The fact that there was not much setting but lots of shadow plays helped the audience to get into the atmosphere. For instance, at the end, when we saw their house, there was nothing but shadowgraphs and that was really amazing ! As for the music, it suited the play perfectly, for example there was the 4 seasons of Vivaldi but also unknown songs but they were as lovely as the others.

So we really liked this play, it was really funny and we spent a great time ! There is an other positive point which is that the actors spoke very clearly and articulated so we understood everything ! You ought to go and see it !

Julie and Louise

Last Friday, we saw the play ’’The tragicomic destiny of Tubby and Nottubby’’, at the MJC of Palaiseau. This theatre play is performed by Louis Fortier and Sophie Brech, two actors from the company Theatre Fools and Feathers. It tells us the story of Tubby and Nottubby, two characters who met when they were going to commit suicide, who joined the army, who survived a tempest, who beat Death and who lived a love story.
This play had really unexpected elements. Indeed, these characters always found a way to be in the weirdest places, such as a graveyard in the desert, or the Kingdom of Death. We found these elements strange, but funny and interesting.
Moreover, the actors had a funny way to interpret their characters : they really embodied their characters, their personalities, with lots of body language ; for instance, when they woke Death up, they ran everywhere. They also had quite a close relationship with the audience, particularly during the ’’Caesar Show !’’, when Tubby went to speak to people in the audience, touch them and even sit on them ! We think that proximity with the audience is really good because it gives a new breath to the play : it gives us more action and fun, so that we can’t be bored.
There were quite a number of props. Indeed, they had two suitcases, a saucepan, a skull and a sword. These props were funny because the actors used them in a weird way (it’s strange to wear a saucepan as a helmet or to speak with a skull). The costumes were impressive. Actually, they had old clothes during almost all the play. However, during the ’’Caesar show !’’, Tubby wore a toga, like Caesar, and when he took his clothes off, we saw twenty-three stabs on his paunch, as Caesar had ! That’s why, in our opinion, the costumes were really good.
The lights, the sound effects and the music were different according to the situation where the characters were. For instance, between the scenes, there were musical interludes. However, the lights were always dark and gloomy. It gave the play an obscure atmosphere, which reminded us that, even though it was comic, it was also a tragedy.
Because of all these elements, according to us, this play was very nice and funny, and it totally won over us . In our opinion, the play is optimistic because it had a happy ending, a love story between Tubby and Nottubby, who finally achieved their aim. We felt moved by the destiny of these two characters, who had difficult childhoods, judging from their memories they shared with us.
LE DU Maxime and SIMHA Chloé

Last Friday we saw a play called “The Tragicomic Destiny of Tubby and Nottubbby”. The story takes place in London, to Hell where Nottubby came to goes Tubby back from the Dead. The play begins on a bridge where the two characters meet each other : they both want to commit suicide. Their last hope is to join the army. The characters are physically different : one fat and the other thin ; but they have similar characters, they are both in despair. To comfort themselves, they enlist
the army, but, in the middle of the play, they are disappointed, they didn’t know that they had to protect the “source”, and that there wasn’t any princess of the desert. Later, they run away from the desert and escape on a raft, but accidentally, Nottubby pushes Tubby and Tubby falls into the water and disappears… What we didn’t expect, is that Tubby has turned into Julius Caesar, in the Kingdom of the Dead. In this scene, the actors played with the audience, it was really funny : Tubby asked two people to carry a torch.
The actors played and interpreted their characters very well, they were in contact with the public.
There were plays on shadows with the curtains, it was beautiful, and the music was impressive. The play was really entertaining, and even more with the songs sung by Tubby and Nottubby. It was easy to understand, especially when you knew the plot.

Lucie and Tristan

Friday night, we saw « the Tragicomic Destiny of Tubby and Nottubby ». This play was about two poor persons who want to commit suicide. They finally find hope thanks to the call of the Army and they join it. But they discover that the captain of the army lied to them so they escape from the war and they escape on a raft. During a storm, Tubby tries to eat Nottubby so Nottubby pushes him without doing it on purpose. Nottubby feels so guilty that he will move heaven and earth to find his best friend. He finally finds him in the Kingdom of the Dead but Tubby thinks he is Julius Caesar. At this moment of the show, there is an interaction with the audience. He thinks Nottuby is Brutus and so he wants to kill him. Then Nottubby hits him and he recovers memory. At the end, they escape from the Kingdom of Death and find a lovely house in the woods. The house they’ve been dreaming of.We also discover that Nottubby is a girl and that the two characters are in love…
The actors were funny, touching and endearing. It was comic because they sometimes said the same cue and made the same movements at the same time. It was also tragic because the two characters were in despair and had family problems.
The lights created different atmospheres : when they were happy, there was a bright light, when they were sad, there was a blue light and when they were scared, there were flashes. The music also contributed to the creation of the atmosphere. For instance, during the storm they used a loud music of Vivaldi.
The costumes and the props also helped to create a comic or sad situation for example, at the beginning they’re next to a lamp post and it creates a gloomy atmosphere whereas when they wear a saucepan on their heads, they look ridiculous and it is funny.
During the play you could feel the strong relationship between the two characters on stage and probably off stage too. It was an optimistic play for the people who are in despair because it gives hope.

Mallet Hélène Moore Thalia

Last week we went to theatre in Palaiseau to see a play call “The tragicomic destiny of Tubby and Nottuby”. It is a crazy story about two people who want to commit suicide at the begining and who will finaly get married after a lot of adventures. The plot was really simple : it as done with two suitcases which were used as their primary fonction, to contain objects, but also as a source of petrol or as a little boat. They were also two curtains which served to create a dreadful storm, a cemetry and the little house where they begin their new life together.
When they created the storm they moved the curtains, changed the light and put an energetic music, it was a “good idea” that created a weird atmosphere that we like.
For the costumes we can say that they were original and comic and we could easily recognize the characters(one was tubby and not the other one).
The play was really easy to understand because the actors spoke in a mix of English and French and they used a body language which was also very funny like the moment when they swam in blood in the desert. But the funniest moment was the Caesar show when Nottubby was searching his friend, Tubby. He had to go to the kingdom of death and here he found Tubby who was thinking that he was Julius Caesar.
We found it was a very comic play and we enjoyed it.
Antonin LE PRIOL, Celio JOUDAIN and Nicolas RAPHANAUD

Last Friday, we saw « The Tragicomic Destiny of Tubby and Nottubby ».

It’s a theatre play which staged two characters who were very different : Tubby was a bit fat and Nottubby was skinny but they were both sad and they wanted to die just before they joined the army for a mission. They went to the desert and understood that the army was not a game. Then, they tried to escape from the war on sea, on a raft. There, they had an argument and Tubby died. That’s why Nottubby went looking for him as far as he could. He finally found him in the kingdom of Death where Tubby had a new life as Julius Caesar. Nottubby convinced him to come back with him. At the end, they became happy because they settled in a wooden house in the woods and Tubby discovered Nottubby was a girl since the beginning. They kissed each other and became a couple. We found this plot very imaginative, it was a very good idea because it was inspired by a story by Sophocles which was modernised.

Furthermore, there were lots of plays on words, lights, shadows and curtains which made the play more original but less realistic, to our mind. For example, when they were on the sea during the storm, the curtains moved as the waves and it was beautiful. At the end, the last scene was only a play on shadows. In fact, it was just with Tubby and Nottubby’s shadows that we could understand what was happening.
The settings were simple and composed of a kind of film projected on a screen but thanks to it, we were able to know where the scene took place, so it was good. In the same way, props and costumes weren’t very elaborate but even if they weren’t, we understood that those two characters were poor.

As concerns the actors and their interpretation, we can say that they are very gifted because they perfectly knew how they had to play to convey emotions, when they cried or when they were in despair.
They adapted the cues and the way they played according to the reactions of the audience. For example, when Tubby thought he was Julius Caesar in a show, he spoke with some people in the audience. That’s why he also had a good relationships with him.

Finally, we can say that the play was very good, thanks to the staging, the story, the attitude of the audience and the actors’ plays which touched us because they perfectly embodied their characters who were sad characters. We thought the play was pessimistic until the end, which was a happy end : Tubby and Nottubby fell in love. They moved us through their friendship. In fact, each of them could die for the other one.
We advise people to see this play.

Chloé Cambigue & Margaux Badufle

Tubby and Nottubby is a story about two opposite characters. Tubby is plump, Nottuby is skinny. Tubby is a boy, Nuttoby is a girl hidden by a boy’s body, a boy’s costume, a boy’s attitude. The way they meet is really unexpected. They both want to commit suicide : they want to jump into the Thames with a rock attached to their feet to sink into the river and die. They are standing next to each other, but they don’t seem to realize that they are together on the edge. They both say the same things, and they begin to sing. Then, suddenly, they notice that they are two people standing on the edge of the Thames together, with the same intention : die. We learn little by little why they want to do something like that. In fact, this is because of their childhood traumatism, and because of their unlucky life. And this is how the story begins.This story is completely fantastic. Nothing can be trusted, this is too big. But, as Louis and Sophie are really good actors, they make you believe in their story. If you have trouble in your life, this is a very good way to forget everything for an hour and a half ! The fact that Tubby dies, and then ressurects isn’t possible, as the fact that they are in the desert and then in a cemetary, and then in the sea. All those places or states of mind are really different, but Sophie and Louis managed to make a good story with all those apparently unrelated things.
The actors were very good, as in Out of the Dark. They were completely into their role, and were different from what they are in the real life. They had many props, like fake noses, fake hair. Louis Fortier had a costume to make him look tubby, to play Tubby. They were close to the audience, and made some people participate, espacially when they were in the Kingdom of death, when Tubby was making a sort of show, pretending to be Julius Caesar, and believing that he really was Julius Caesar.
The music pieces were really different, but all adapted to each moment in the play, to each different atmosphere. When they got angry, or worried, the music was stressing for the audience too. But when they were sad, the music was sad. In fact, all the tunes were chosen to make the audience feel more like the characters, feel the same feelings as the characters. The atmosphere was magical during the whole show, even when it was worrying. In order to create this atmosphere, they used a lot of props. They also used the lights a lot.
The play was easy to understand, because from the moment when you are into the atmosphere of the play, you can understand everything with the body language, the facial expressions, the sound landscapes. I found this play like a good escape from real life. But as they told us at the end of the show, they wrote this play at a time when there were not so many problems in the world as today. So, their play was kind of caught up by time.

Elisa Seigneur-Guerrini

The tragicomic destiny of Tubby and Nottubby is the play we saw last friday.
The beginning of the story takes place in London, with our two characters, Tubby and Nottubby who want to commit suicide and jump into the Thames at the same time, so they meet each other. They think that they are not ready to die yet, so they decide to take a last trip together before going to the afterlife.
So, the plot, was a interesting but sometimes was a little bit long and boring. It was really sad because we thought they were going to die at the end.
Well, we didn’t expect that Nottubby was a woman so it really surprised us, there weren’t any other unexpected elements because we had already worked on that play. Louis Fortier and Sophie Brech’s characters really made me think of Laurel and Hardy because they really exaggerated their humor and their body language ! They really interpreted all the aspects of Tubby and Nottuby.
Louis Fortier and Sophie Brech had the good idea to communicate with the audience, for example when Tubby is in the Kingdom of death and becomes crazy, he speaks to the audience end walks among the public.
The costumes really matched with the two poor and desperate characters ! They were messy, grimy and scruffy.
The thing I loved the most in this play was the shadows ! The game with the shadows was amazing ! So was the music ! They really contributed to creating an atmosphere ! It was beautiful ! And the curtains with the lights on them made some scenes in the play more real, as if we were living those scenes !
I totally understood the play, thanks to the way the actors played with their body language, the props, the music and the way the actors articulated their words.
Well, the play in general was very interesting, at the beginning it was quite pessimistic but it finally ended well.
Pauline and Kirsten


A tribute to English culture : The Tragicomic Destiny of Tubby and Nottubby

If you are not busy during your week and if you don’t know what to do, don’t hesitate : run to the Factory Theatre in Toronto to enjoy a marvellous play : « The Tragicomic Destiny of Tubby and Nottubby » ! Some people will tell you that it’s a dull and uneven play… This is definitely false ! And I will tell you why in this article…
The play consists in a double act which might remind you of Laurel and Hardy, or Charlie Chaplin. It is performed by two skilled actors : Louis Fortier and Sophie Brech created this show nearly entierely. These two people have a theatre company : Theatre Fools and Feather. They studied in famous theatre schools all around the world. Their performances are based on improvisation. Moreover, they embody two ordinary characters and make them become larger than life people. They want to touch the audience through emotion and simplicity. So that’s the first reason for which this play is worth seeing.
The play contains lots of references to English culture. Indeed you can find references to Shakespeare : you will certainly recognize extracts from Hamlet and Julius Caesar. The play is very humorous : it’s a kind of mixed humour (French, British…). It also deals with everyday life, from tea to war. The setting, at the beginning, is made of a lamp post. This may remind you of Narnia, the famous English story. The places of the play are varied : the Thames river, the desert… As a conclusion, this play both includes and doesn’t include real life. That is the second reason for enjoying this performance.
The performance is also a feat of strength for the staging. Indeed everything is used in a perfect way. The music which is used perfectly conveys the different atmospheres of the plot. You might recognize the Carnaval des Animaux by Camille Saint-Säens and the Four Seasons by Vivaldi The costumes are equally ingenious. It exagerates the appearence of the two opposite characters. The use of the props is also fantastic. For example, a suitcase can be a suitcase, a boat or an oil pump. Drawings and animations are sometimes projected on a big screen . It allows you to make a break and to admire these beautiful pictures. Finally, the light effects are very interesting. It brings some magic into the show. That is the last reason to go and see the play.
You may have noticed that I didn’t tell you the synopsis of the play, the plot. Well, if you want to know more about it, go and enjoy the performance ! I assure you that you will not be disappointed : you will laugh a lot and you’ll be charmed by the surprising destiny of Tubby and Nottubby.