The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and M. Hyde

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Directed by Lucie O’Fannagan from Théâtre en Anglais
February 1st 2011 reviewed by Coline, 2° euro

We all know the story. One day Jekyll, a recognised doctor, starts to think that humans have a dual nature. He then creates Mister Hyde, his dark, fantasist, violent side. The situation quickly and tragically gets out of control.

Perhaps this Jekyll imagined Hyde to escape from that calm, rational, strict and obligatory Victorian society where keeping appearances was essential.

This could be the final theme of the novel : how a man ill-at-ease with his own world invented an escape which destroyed him. As if protest wasn’t allowed.
This topic is presented throughout the play of the Alhambra Theatre inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel. Mirror and fumes, a mysterious laboratory and inspired characters are what constitute a nice adaptation. The staging is a bit weak though.

Special mention can be made to the transformation of M. Lanyon into Miss Lanyon who will kill herself because of her love for Jekyll.

To see if you liked the book.